Barangay Profile

Physical and Demographic Characteristic
           Province:                  Bataan
           City/Municipality:       Balanga
              Barangay:                     Talisay
              Location:                       Urban
              Total Land Area:           20 Hectares
General Description and Characteristics of the Barangay
            Brgy. Talisay is a beautiful, safe and clean place. One thing that makes it more beautiful is the latest project of barangay Council which is to convent vacant lot to a mini garden. The setting of the brgy is rural wherein the people living here are kind and gentle that makes this barangay a safety and quite place to live. 
             Brgy. Talisay has a total land area of 20 hectares located in the midst of Poblacion, Bagumbayan, Pto. Rivas, and Brgy. DFS Phase III. The entry point boundaries started to caltex and shell gas stations at Poblacion area and it was ended to Santuario Mem. Chapel along JP Rizal St. DFS Phase III is also part of Brgy. Talisay wherein the entry and exit point is located at Camino St.


Major Source of livelihood :        




Demographic Reference




                  Male:            807


                  Female:        732


                  Total:            1539


                  Number  of Households:                345


                  Source of Population Count:        Census


                  Total number of registered voters:


                            Male:            597


                            Female:        668


                            Total:          1265


Number of Barangay Personel:

                       a. Tanod                               18

                       b. Health Worker                     2

                       c. Nutrition Scholar                  1

                       d. Lupon Member                    11

                       e. Purok Leaders                      4

                       f. Librarian                               0

                       g. Day care worker                    1

                       h. Alay kalinisan worker              1

                       i. Others, specify:

                       j. Day Care Aide                        1

                       k. Kaanib Members

                       l. Juan Move Para Sa Kalikasan    20